Rearing Colorful Freshwater Fish in Aquarium

The fish business has crossed over 50 crore American Dollar. Aquarium culture have attracted many. Colorful fishes are loved by all age group of people whether old or young. Scientifically it is proven that spending time with colorful fishes reduces mental stress. These days, having an aquarium at home have become a fashion trend. Here are some important points that should be kept in mind.

Important things required to prepare an aquarium

  1. polished glass plates
  2. aquarium cover with bulb
  3. table/stand
  4. sealant/ pasting gun
  5. small colorful stones
  6. water plants (artificial or natural)
  7.  colorful poster for background of aquarium
  8. decorative
  9.  thermometer
  10. thermostat
  11. filter
  12. aerator
  13. chlorine-free water
  14. colorful fishes
  15. fish-food
  16. hand net
  17. bucket
  18. mug
  19. sponge
  20. siphon etc.

Where and how to keep aquarium?

The place should be flat without any slope and the flooring must be strong enough. Iron or wood made stand or table can be used. It is very important to have electricity supply source near the aquarium.

How an aquarium should be?

It is very important to take special care if you are making the aquarium yourself. By the help of sealant, you can paste the polished glasses together and build your own aquarium at home or you can buy one from the store. The dimensions of 60 x 30 x 30 cm or 75 x 35 x 35 cm length, breadth and height are of great demand for home purposes. The glass should be of 4-6 mm thick. The cover of the aquarium can be made of fiber or wood. A bulb should be attached inside the cover. A 40 watt bulb is preferred for an aquarium.

How to decorate an aquarium?

Before setting any decorative, clean the aquarium thoroughly with  clean water. After this put a layer of sand and place small colorful stones over it. After placing stones, arrange thermostat, aerator and filter.

These days use of water plants is in trend. Many artificial plants are also available in the market. To make the aquarium attractive you can place you favorite toys in the aquarium. The water to be filled in the aquarium should be chlorine-free so if you are using tap-water leave the water at least for a day or two then fill in the aquarium.

For better health of your fishes the water quality should be contained with:

Parameter                                        Value

pH                                                            7.5-8.5

Oxygen                                                   5 mg/L

Chlorine and Chloramine                   0.0 mg/L

Ammonia                                               0.0-0.25 mg/L

Nitrite                                                     0.0-0.5 mg/L

Hardness                                               100-250 mg/L

Temperature                                         74-82 degree Fahrenheit (23-28 degree Celsius)

After filling the water in the aquarium, run the aquarium filter for at least 24 hours (do not put fishes till then). Putting the fishes in the aquarium after 2 days is supposed to be good.

How many fishes should be kept in the aquarium?

After preparing the aquarium, colorful fishes are kept in it. There are many varieties of fishes, but it is very important to know them before keeping them altogether in the aquarium so that the won’t hurt each other.

Small sized fishes are supposed to be best for the aquarium, viz are:

  1. Black molly
  2. Platy
  3. Guppy
  4. Sword tail
  5. Blue gourami
  6. Fighter
  7. Angelfish
  8. Black tetra
  9. Cherry barb
  10. Bala shark
  11. Oscar
  12. Gold fish
  13. Arowana
  14. Betta
  15. Bronze cory
  16. Cat fish
  17. Clown barb
  18. Koi
  19. Silver dollar
  20. White cloud etc.

Beside this there are some Indian breeds of fishes namely Loach, Kolsi, Chanda, Morula etc.

Usually 2-5 cm size of 50 fishes should be kept in per sq. mt water.

About fish food

Natural food of fishes are plankton but in aquarium artificial food is given. Fish food are available in different colorful packets in the market. The feed should be given twice a day at a fixed time per 2% body weight. This quantity can be increased or decreased accordingly as per need. The quantity of the feed given should only be that much that the fishes could finish up at a time. The fishes should be feed with floating feed once a week this keeps their scales shiny.

Important points to remember for aquarium management

  1. Maintain water temperature between 23- 28 degree Celsius by thermostat.
  2. Air stream should be managed by aerator.
  3. Filter should be used to clean the water.
  4. Any sort of detritus should be cleaned everyday using siphon.
  5. After 15 days half of the water should be taken out and clean water should be filled.
  6. If a fish dies in the tank, it should be taken out immediately.
  7. If any fish is sick, it should be treated well.

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