Fight Against IBS

IBS the growing problem in day to day life for over a million of people around the globe. IBS has no detection and can cause various problems which may led to several other complications.

Imagine a scenarios where before eating anything you first worry and ask questions like, will this suit my stomach? Or will I have to rush to the washroom? A unreliable stomach is also known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome as it irritates not only your GI system (large intestine) but your entire life. In fact, stress is a major causative factor for it. Honestly, there is no such ABC Diet rule that a person suffering from IBS can be prescribed because the reactions or adherence of every patient to every food is different. (As it is mostly psychological). So what we are going to do is discuss certain foods components and food habits that can help tackling IBS.

Best foods to fight Irritable Bowel Syndrome :

1.  Curd or plain Yoghurt.
IBS inflames the entire inner gut lining and so a soothing agent for our irritated gut can be Curd or yoghurt. It’s a combo pack with gut friendly micro flora and alkaline pH just right to counter the irritation. So include at least 2 big bowls of Curd or Plain/ Non Flavored Yoghurt or 2 glasses of buttermilk. Adding roasted Black Jeera powder to it can also help to create a calm gut environment by decreasing the peristalsis movement

Caution: Milk is a handle with care food item for IBS patients. Here the focus is only fermented milk: that is curd or yoghurt

2Soluble fiber

The long observed problem in IBS sufferers is alternate constipation and diarrhea episodes and so if we have to choose fiber: soluble fiber will be a safe bet. Moreover these foods are alkaline in nature and so add to the gut environment benefit.

Freshly cut whole fruits and cooked vegetables are the sources for soluble fiber. One must consume at least 3 fruits and at least 2 big bowl full of cooked veggies.

Oats with its Beta Glucan can prove to be a boon in disguise as a soluble fiber to invite good bugs. Oats can be mixed in poha or upma or roti flour or cooked in water. Take atleast 2 tablespoon of oat flakes daily to get the benefits.

3. Best Foods to Fight Irritable Bowel Syndrome No sugar

Sugar is a osmotically active compound that attracts water, so if the glucose load is increased by the presence of sweets, bakery items, chocolates, colas, alcohol etc. then this can lead to osmotic diarrhea and if not handled well, then can lead to serious complications.

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